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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

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RAC Canada 150 Award...

It would appear that the "RAC Canada 150 Award" activation with all Provinces and Territories across Canada taking part was a huge success!!

Ken, VY2RU and Ron, VY2HR using VY2RAC made over 2000 QSO's, near the end Bill, VY2LI and the Charlottetown ARC made about 200 QSO's during the RAC Winter Contest activation.

I would like to thank all the Amateurs around the world who came on board and worked any of the RAC stations and "CONGRATULATIONS" to those who acquired the "RAC Canada 150 Award Certificate" especially those who worked all 13 RAC stations!

RAC Canada 150 Site:

73 de Ken VY2RU (VY2RAC)


Posted by: VY2RU - Ken on Jan 01, 18 | 11:57 am | Profile


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