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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

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[UPDATE] 3Y0Z - Bouvet 2018....

FEBRUARY 8 @ 2045z - Position: 49.32 degrees South, 6.73 degrees East. 1,058 nautical miles from Cape Town.

We are continuing our slow voyage to Cape Town, currently making 6 knots, with one of our two engines out. The team is healthy, with plenty of food and water, and working to keep our spirits up. We cannot, however, escape the cloud of disappointment hovering over us and the DX community. We traveled 2700 nautical miles to Bouvet, but the last mile proved to be the most difficult.

As we type this, a tugboat is on its way to assist our vessel to the port of Capetown. We will continue to keep everyone informed, as this saga plays out. We would like to thank all of our friends and families who have been with us every mile of the way. Your good wishes, thoughts and prayers have sustained us over the last three weeks. [K0IR]


Posted by: VY2RU - Ken on Feb 11, 18 | 3:38 pm | Profile


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