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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

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Canada - New 100w ham radio 5 MHz allocation....

Canada has updated its National Frequency Allocation Table to show a new 100 watt ERP 5351.5-5366.5 kHz allocation (WRC-15) but amateurs are not yet authorized to use it

The new FAT says:

C21 (CAN-18) Amateur service operators may transmit in the frequency band 5 351.5-5 366.5 kHz and on the following four centre frequencies: 5 332 kHz, 5 348 kHz, 5 373 kHz and 5 405 kHz. Amateur stations are allowed to operate with a maximum effective radiated power of 100 W PEP in each channel and are restricted to the following emission modes and designators: telephony (2K80J3E), data (2K80J2D), RTTY (60H0J2B) and CW (150HA1A). Transmissions in any channel may not occupy a bandwidth of more than 2.8 kHz. Such use is not in accordance with international frequency allocations.

Canadian amateur operations shall not cause interference to fixed and mobile operations in Canada or in other countries and, if such interference occurs, the amateur service may be required to cease operations.

The amateur service in Canada may not claim protection from interference by the fixed and mobile operations of other countries.

You can download the frequency table PDF from:

A graphical spectrum allocation chart is at:$file/2014_Canadian_Radio_Spectrum_Chart.pdf


Posted by: VY2RU - Ken on Apr 15, 18 | 4:42 pm | Profile


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