ICASA quick to act on Inverter interference….

South Africa’s national amateur radio society SARL reports the communications regulator ICASA has been quick to act in a case of interference to the amateur bands from an inverter

Following a complaint about interference from a neighbour’s mains back-up system, ICASA acted quickly and ordered that the equipment had to be removed as it was radiating signals across the medium wave and all the HF amateur radio bands. An amateur’s neighbour had installed a battery backup system which from day one caused major radio interference.

While the installer tried to install filters, they did not succeed in eliminating the interference. The SARL advised the amateur to direct a complaint to the ICASA Regional Manager, Gauteng.
The ICASA interference complaint section was quick to respond and proved that the interference came from a power back up system.

If you experience interference, first ensure that it is not caused by equipment in your residence. The simplest way to achieve this is by switching of the mains and run a receiver from a battery source. Another method is to use a portable AM radio and walk around the house.  Having done that and ensured that the interference is not generated by equipment in your house, direct a complaint in writing. giving as much detail about the interference as possible, to the Regional Manager ICASA in the province where you reside.

Source SARL