[INFO] – 3Y0J Bouvet….

Aug 20, 2022

UPDATE – This video recently appeared on the 3Y0J Facebook page. Ken LA7GIA says it’s an unreleased video (until now) and shows the 3Y0J QTH – Cape Fie – near the end, on a nice day!


[INFO] – 3Y0J Bouvet

[AUGUST 19] Ken LA7GIA recently posted the following info on the 3Y0J Facebook page:

Staging all our 3,5 ton of equipment
No photo description available.
Some of the medical supplies going to Bouvet.

3Y0J is currently staging all our 3,5 ton of equipment at Oslo airport in Norway, where we within the next few weeks will do final checks and pack all equipment. Container shipping is scheduled for mid-September. Next weekend several team members from Norway and US will gather and go through all checklists to make sure all small items is in correct place.

We have detailed out the logistic plan, and have made a few changes. Among the improvements is that we have bought yet another outboard engine enabling us to use 2 zodiak boats simultaneously during beach landing to speed up the unloading of gear. In addition we have a 3rd spare zodiak+engine.

We have also swapped the Yanmar generators with some 5 kW QRO lightweight generators that will enable us to run full station setup with only 2 out of 4 diesel gens.

We have also added some 2000l of versatile, robust and hardwearing IBC diesel tanks in various sizes. One of the requirements from Norwegian Polar Institute is that there must be absolutely no spillage of diesel. Each IBC tank will be placed in a tray and guyed to withstand the strong Bouvet wind.

If you want to have the chance to work 3Y0J you can contribute and pay a small share of the vessel deposit by donating via paypal bouvet@3y0j.noWe still need $70,000

Thanks to NORLOG for offering FREE storage place for our equipment!

73 ,3Y0J team

Photo: credit LB5GI Gjermund – logistics lead