Summerside Amateur Radio Club Repeaters

Location Callsign Freq. (MHz)
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Offset (MHz) CTCSS Notes
Summerside VE1CFR 146.850 -0.600 None Hard linked to O'Leary VY2CFB and Cavendish VY2PEI
IRLP Node# 2363
EchoLink Node# 351306
Link to Mavcom 124*-on 125*-off
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Summerside VE1CFR 444.500 +5.000 None UHF Hub Repeater connected to VE1CFR, VY2CFB, and VY2PEI
O'Leary VY2CFB 147.120 +0.600 None Hard Linked to Summerside VE1CFR
Cavendish (Mayfield) VY2PEI 145.150 -0.600 None Hard Linked to Summerside VE1CFR
Glen Valley VY2SIX 53.590 -1.000 None Stand Alone 6-Metre Repeater
Hazel Grove VE1HI 146.940 +0.600 None Link to Mavcom 148*-on 149* -off
Kensington (D-Star) VY2CFB (DV) 145.050 0.000 None VY2CFB 'C' is a half-duplex (Simplex) D-Star access point. Users will need to set their radios as follows:
Note, in order for your transmission to go out over the gateway, you need to set your radio into duplex mode with a 0 MHz offset.

Other Repeaters on Prince Edward Island

Location Callsign Freq. (MHz)
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Offset (MHz) CTCSS Notes

VE1CRA 146.670 -0.600 None Autopatch available
IRLP Node#2030
Charlottetown VY2UHF 443.850 +5.000 None  
Montague VY2EKR 147.165 +0.600 None OFF AIR
Glen Valley VE1UHF 146.715 -0.600 None Link to VY2UHF 120*-on 121*-off Default is on
Glen Valley VE1UHF 444.675 +5.000 None Link to VE1BHS 158*-on 159*-off OFF AIR
Stratford VY2VB 147.255 +0.600 None OFF AIR

APRS Nodes

Location Callsign
Freq. (MHz)
O'Leary VY2CFB 144.390
Hazel Grove VY2TPH 144.390
Souris VY2EKR 144.390

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