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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

Tue Apr 15, 2014

2014 HARC Flea Market

Greetings Folks ,

I realize this note is probably slightly late in coming , but please be advised that the 2014 HARC Flea Market

will go ahead this year on May 31st , 2014 , at the same location as last year , in the gymnasium in the building that houses the Halifax Amateur Radio Club:

St. Andrew’s Community Centre
3380 Barnstead Lane,
At 6955 Bayers Rd. (outbound) just past Romans Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Further information will be forthcoming shortly , but please disseminate this info to your members ASAP , so we can get this into the works.

Thanks ,
Jeremy Fowler


Secretary HARC

2014 Flea Market Chair

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Mon Apr 14, 2014

History This Week....

Monday, 14 April, 2014

1474 The Venetian Patent Law, the first of its kind in the world was enacted.
1611 The word "telescope" was first used in public by Prince Federico Cesi
1846 First U.S. patent for a telegraph ticker to print letters was issued to R.E. House of New York
1861 The first oil well fire occurred at the Little and Merrick well at Oil Creek, near Rouseville, Pennsylvania.
1877 A steam-engine driven helicopter model built by Enrico Forlanini rose 40 ft (12 m).
1879 H.L'Estrange first OZ parachute drop from balloon over Melbourne.
1892 The first Duryea automobile was operated by pioneer manufacturer Charles E. Duryea
1893 Edison opens first motion picture studio, West Orange, New Jersey.
1894 Edison displays motion picture 'peep show' in New York.
1897 A U.S. patent was issued for a "Submarine Vessel" invented by Simon Lake
1904 A rocket apparatus for taking photographs was patented in the U.S. by Alfred Maul of Dresden
1912 David Sarnoff picked up a message of distress call of the Titanic relayed from ships at sea:
1912 Titanic sinks, radio use results in saving many lives.
1912 American aviator Harriet Quimby became the first female pilot to fly across the English Channel.
1923 Lee DeForest's Phonofilm, the first sound-on-sound film, motion picture.
1926 Second flight of a liquid-fueled rocket by Robert Goddard.
1941 Igor Ivor Sikorsky made the first helicopter flight for over one-hour in his Vought-Sikorsky VS-300
1956 The first practical black-and-white video recorder was demonstrated in Chicago

Our thanks to John Alcorn, VK2JWA

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Here and There....

Panama Canal Special Event:

This year, Panama is celebrating its 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal.

A special event station will be operating as HO100CANAL between April 19th and August 15th. Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY.

On August 15th, the Panamanians will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the inaugural transit through the Panama Canal. This activity is organized by amateurs of the Republic of Panama.

The QSL Manager for the operation is HP1AVS, some of the operators are HP1AVS, HP1COO, HP1CPE, HP1DBK and possibly more stations from Radio Club de Panama.

For more information, see:

For more information on the 100th anniversary of Panama Canal, see:

DXCC News:

Bill Moore, NC1L, ARRL Awards Branch Manager, reports on the Crimea and DXCC situation:

Upon request of the CEO, the ARRL Awards committee evaluated the situation at present in Crimea against the DXCC rules.

As the interpreter of the rules, the following is the Awards Committee's decision on how to "count" QSOs with stations operating from Crimea.

Crimea is not a DXCC entity. Neither Russia nor Ukraine is a rare entity and the vast majority of confirmations used for DXCC credit for either entity do not involve Crimea.

DXCC Rule 4 reads:
"4. Confirmation data for two-way communications must include the call signs of both stations, the entity name as shown in the DXCC List, mode, date, time and band. Except as permitted in Rule 1, cross-mode contacts are not permitted for DXCC credits. Confirmations not containing all required information may be rejected."

A QSL with a call sign issued by the administration of Ukraine and showing the entity name as Ukraine counts as Ukraine.

A QSL with a call sign issued by the administration of Russia and
showing the entity name as Russia counts as Russia.

A QSL that satisfies neither condition does not count for either entity.

EI5IMD on Brow Head for Marconi Day on 26 April:

Marconi's wireless station on Brow Head near Crookhaven in West Cork operated from 1901 to 1914, handling message traffic between ship owners and ships arriving from North America. The station was so busy
that it operated around the clock with six operators working in shifts.

2014 is the 100th anniversary of the station's closure, and Cork Radio Club members are QRV from the site on Saturday, 26th April for International Marconi Day. This is an annual worldwide special event that celebrates the great man on a Saturday near his birthday, which is 25th April 1874.

EI5IMD will operate two stations on CW and SSB, and possibly a third on digi modes. We hope to get more EIs and GIs in the log this year than before, so please call. The track up to the site is steep and narrow, and parking is tight on top but anyone is welcome to visit operations on the day.

ARRL Internet services to be down:

Press Release from the ARRL Web page:
"The ARRL Website, E-Mail, LoTW, Online Store Will Be Down Monday Evening, April 14th!

The Internet service at ARRL Headquarters will go dark on Monday, April 14th, from around 5 PM ET (2100 UTC) until around 10 PM ET (0200 April 15) in order to complete necessary maintenance.

Services affected will include e-mail to and from ARRL Headquarters (all incoming e-mail will be queued), access to the ARRL website, reflector traffic to and from ARRL Headquarters (all incoming reflector mail will be queued), Logbook of The World (LoTW), and the ARRL Online Store.
We apologize for any inconvenience."

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Sun Apr 13, 2014


KP4FD on the air for WARD 2014-

Just a friendly reminder that the Puerto Rico Field Day Group will activate KP4FD for World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) 2014 this next Friday April 18th at 0000 UTC.

It is the day when in 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU was formed in Paris, France in 1925.

The story of the first WARD activation done in Puerto Rico in 2008 can be seen at:

We also encourage our fellow American Hams to get on the air and be part of the celebration and hope to contact you.

New frequencies for Vietnamese radio hams-

The Vietnamese Amateur Radio Club report on the new frequencies available in the country

Vietnamese amateur radio operators can now operate between 7100 kHz and 7200 kHz (in addition to 7000-7100 kHz previously) and also have the full 30 meters band allocated for amateur service (10100 kHz to 10150 kHz).

80 meters band is allocated from 3500 to 3900 kHz (instead of 3800 kHz). The 160 meter band is 1800-2000 kHz and a new band has been allocated at 472-479 KHz.

Vietnamese Amateur Radio Club:

New Amateur Radio website-

Miles, VK6MAB, has written to tell us about a new Amateur Radio website that he has just launched.

He says:
The purpose of it is to promote Amateur Radio as a hobby, without the usual technical mumbo jumbo and 'ham speak' that many other great websites have. I believe to convince others about our great interest, we need to approach it using plain language and positive words.

I have intentionally kept the website clutter-free, and have weekly posts scheduled for the next few months, covering the basics of equipment, operating, licensing and why AR is such an interesting hobby to consider.

Anyway, I am reaching out, because I would appreciate any exposure your readers could give other non-hams, who may be interested in joining the ranks of us licensed operators.

The URL is: - if you have any feedback, I'm all ears as well!

73- Miles VK6MAB

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