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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

Tue Jul 29, 2014

[RAC-Bulletin] 2014 RAC AGM Concluded

On the heels of the 2014 Pacific Northwest DX Convention hosted by the Orca DX and Contest Club held in New Westminster BC this past week-end, the RAC AGM took place on July 27th.
Once again this year, RAC held a simulcast Webinar making it possible for anyone across the world to participate in the AGM via the convenience of their computer or smartphone. Voting capabilities through the Webinar was also made available. RAC would like to thank everyone who helped make the AGM another successful event and in particular those involved with the logistics for the Webinar. RAC's Hounourary Legal Counsel Marcel Mongeon, VA3DDD moderated the online proceeding and we would be remiss not to thank him for his assistance. Bill Gipps, VE7ISV/VE7XS Regional Director for BC/Yukon (and others) also provided valuable help from the actual AGM venue in New Westminster BC.

The venue was made possible by the Orca DX and Contest Club and RAC wishes to reiterate it's appreciation for this opportunity.

The proceedings can be heard through the archived Webinar recording here:

RAC President Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, made the announcement that next year's AGM was being planned to be held in Saskatchewan.


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Liechtenstein (HB0) Operation....

Kasimir, DL2SBY, will once again be active from Liechtenstein between September 13-20th.

Activity will be on 80-10 meters including 30/17/12 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.

His equipment will be a FT900AT with an ACOM 1010 amp (600w) into a triple-leg antenna for 20-10m, HF9V Butternut for 80-10m and an Inverted V for 30m.

He will upload the log onto ClubLog. The QSL cards will be printed as soon as possible. QSL via DL2SBY, by the Bureau, direct and as well as through PayPal requests.

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Mon Jul 28, 2014

Soldersmoke Podcast Episode 163 Released....

Episode 163 of the amateur radio podcast SolderSmoke is now available

In this edition:
- Part III with Pete Juliano: Tribal Knowledge - Sideband Sidecars
- Moxon Update "A Thing of Beauty"
- Pete is Building Peter Parker's Knobless Wonder
- Ladder Filters
- Construction Practices for SSB rigs
- Essential Test Gear
- Junk Box development and parts storage

Next time: Tubes, Valves, Termatrons, Firebottles.

Thanks to Bob Crane and the FDIM musicians for this episode's musical opening.

Listen to

For Podcasts

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Austrian (OE) Special Event

Look for the special event station OE2WURZL14 (Boy Scout Club station of Club TeleScout (CTS)) to be active between August 3-13th, from the international 'Camp of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Salzburg (PPO)' operating from the Gasteiner Valley (JN67NE).

QSL via the OE-Bureau.

The station is also valid for the Austrian Radio Scouting Award!

For more information, see the following URLs:


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