Club Membership

Membership in the Club is open to all persons interested in promoting Amateur Radio. If you are interested in Joining, please attend one of our meetings or events. The Membership form is available online here in a PDF format, but must be printed and mailed. There are three classes of memberships as follows:

Full Membership$20.00 Any licensed radio amateur
Family Membership$25.00 Any licensed radio amateur and a family member residing at the same address.
Associate Membership$20.00 Any person who is not a licensed radio amateur and who is not qualified as a Family Member.
Out of Province Membership$10.00 Any person who is a licensed radio amateur and who does not reside in the Province of Prince Edward Island

Dues are payable of January 1st and cover the calendar year. Initial dues for first-time members joining after June30th will extend to cover the following year. Delinquent and/or inactive members must pay the full annual dues to be reinstated.

We welcome the entire family in our activities, whether or not they are members.

We strongly support our youth, as they are the future of Amateur Radio, and we respect our “old-timers”, as they are the bridge from the past.

Club dues help to cover the costs of operating and maintaining our repeater network, club events, community support events and other amateur radio related projects.

All members of the Summerside Amateur Radio Club may have access to the club facilities on Harvard Street. Any member who wishes access may contact the President.