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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

Wed Jul 30, 2014

VK9 DX-Vacation....

A JA team is planning to be active from Christmas Island (VK9X) and Cocos-Keeling Island (VK9C) sometime between late July and early August.

Operators mentioned are Mars/JA3FVJ, Ichiro/ JA3QWN, Ikuo/JA3TJA, Masa/JF3PLF and Taka/JH3f**.

Their tentative schedule is as followings:
VK9EC (Cocos Keeling) - between July 29th & August 2nd; IOTA OC-002
VK9EX (Christmas Island) - between August 2-8th; IOTA OC-003

Activity will be holiday style on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, FM, RTTY and PSK31.

QSL via JF3PLF, direct or by the Bureau (within one year of operation!). Uploads to LoTW or ClubLog will be available after their operation (Highly recommended).

A Web page is available, but is still under construction at:


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Soldering Tips....

In case you were wondering how or are teaching someone how to solder and they were wondering, here is an explanation for what jobs the different types of soldering iron tips are intended:

How to Solder:

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Rotator Tips....

At the hamfest you've just spotted a clean rotator in the HAM-M series at a good price - but which one is it? A HAM-M, -II, -III, or -IV? The rotator series can be identified by the numbers stamped into the base plate. They will typically give the series, serial number, and month/year of manufacture. (Thanks, Joe W4TV)

Speaking of rotators, perhaps this tip will help a reader avoid having to learn an important repair lesson the hard way: "Don't forget the MOST important piece of rebuild equipment, a shallow cardboard box to catch the ball bearings that will fall out when you crack apart the two halves of the housing." And they do fall out and roll off everywhere unless you are prepared! (Thanks, Mike NF4L)

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Results for the 2013 Canada Winter Contest....

Results for the 2013 Canada Winter Contest have been posted on the RAC website:

Thanks, RAC Canada Winter Contest Manager, Sam VE5SF

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