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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

Tue May 26, 2015

RAC-Bulletin] Alberta ARES requests priority access to 14.135, 7.135 and 3.675 due to Fires

Today at 10:39 AM
Alberta ARES requests priority access to 14.135, 7.135 and 3.675 due to Fires

Fires in Alberta have resulted in the activation of Emergency Management Alberta and the subsequent activation of amateur radio assets. RAC requests that Canadian and US amateurs honour the request of Alberta ARES that priority be given to Alberta amateurs on 14.135, 7.135 and 3.675 in their support of the Alberta government during the emergency.

Bill Boskwick, VE4BOZ

RAC Chief Field Services Officer
720 Belfast Road, #217
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5
613-244-4367, 1- 877-273-8304

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The Abegweit Ferry itís a Clubhouse for the Columbia Yacht Club....

This magnificent ship held passenger vehicles, train cars and passengers. Now it's a clubhouse for the Columbia Yacht Club.

Those who recall the many years of crossing Northumberland Strait on the car ferry MV 'ABEGWEIT' will enjoy this Chicago news story and video this week about the "Abby", now the clubhouse of the Columbia Yacht Club on the Chicago waterfront.

See more:

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Mon May 25, 2015


The Summerside ARC will be participating in the 2015 ARRL Field Day. It will be held at the West Point Lighthouse in the Cedar Dunes Provincial Park.

Details can be found on the SPARC website

For anyone wishing to operate, please contact George (VY2GF) - with your availability.

He will setup an operating schedule.

Further info can be obtained from George or Doug

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History This Week....

25 May, 2015

1818 First steam-vessel to sail Great Lakes launched
1874 T. A. Edison was issued a patent for a device concerning "Automatic Telegraphy and in Perforators Therefor."
1879 First electric railway opens at Berlin Trades Exposition
1883 T. A. Edison received a series of patents including the "Manufacture of Incandescing Electric Lamps."
1884 A patent for "flaked cereal" was applied for by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.
1896 First car accident occurs, Henry Wells hit a bicyclist (NYC)
1919 Oil was struck at England's first inland oilwell at Hardstoft near Tibshelf, in Derbyshire.
1928 The first U.S. television station WGY began broadcasting regular programs.
1946 Patent filed in US for H-Bomb

Our thanks to John Alcorn, VK2JWA of the Summerland Amateur Radio Club for this weekly feature.

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