Radio ham tunes into North Korean broadcast….

The Daily Mail reported how radio amateur Jordan Heyburn MI6JVCreceived DPKR’s Voice of Korea broadcast, sent a report and in return got a QSL card and some publications

The Daily Mail says:

After picking up the state-run broadcast, he decided to send a reception report to the station – a common courtesy among radio buffs meant to show a transmission was received.

But he got the shock of his life when he received a reply sent out of the blue to his home, which included newspapers and magazines, a book, a personal note on the weather and even an English-language program schedule for the broadcast.

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Schedule and frequencies for DPKR Voice of Korea

Summer is traditionally a slack period for news, so an ideal time to tell your Local or National Newspaper about amateur radio and get publicity for the hobby

 Thanks to Mike Barraclough of British DX Club for spotting this item