European Games special event stations….

European Games special event stations:

Look for the following special event stations to be active until June 30th. Activity is to celebrate the 2nd European Games in Minsk.

Each station represents a different sporting event and arena:

EU19RO   – Minsk-Arena EV19CYC – bicycle sport
EV0CA     – Chizhovka-Arena EV19FRS – wrestling
EV0MA    – Minsk-Arena EV19GYM – gymnastics
EV0SD    – Dynamo-Arena EV19JUD – judo
EV19ARC – archery EV19KAR – karate
EV19ATH – athletics EV19ROW – rowing
EV19BAD – badminton EV19SAM – sambo wrestling
EV19BAS – basketball EV19SHO – bullet shooting
EV19BOX – boxing EV19TEN – table tennis
EV19BSO – beach football

Three different awards are be available.
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