Zambia (9J) DXpedition….

Members of the Z2LA and 7P8LB team are planning a trip to Zambia between March 5-15th (2020). A preliminary departure date is 4th of March 2020. The license application form has been received and will shortly be forwarded with requests for the 9J2LA callsign.

The Web page is now available at:
Facebook will be used for “Breaking News” the weeks before departure and during the Expedition.

Updated list of operators are
Rune/LA7THA (team leader), Harald/LB2HG, Svein/LA3BO, Morten/LA3MHA, Piotr/LA7RRA, Arne/ LA7WCA, Svein/LA9KKA, Thor/LA9VPA, Morten/LB8DC, Christian/OE5CWO and Philipp/OE7PGI.

The team will be focused on CW and FT8 for the low bands, and CW, SSB and FT8 for the higher bands.

Suggested frequencies are:
CW – 1826.5*, 3524, 7024, 10124, 14024, 18074, 21024, 24894 and 28024
SSB – 7082, 14185, 18140, 21295, 24955 and 28495
FT8 – 1844/1908**, 3590, 7060, 10140, 14086, 18104, 21095, 24918 and 28095
6m – 50104/CW and 50313/FT8
(*) 160m: 1826.5 kHz lsn dwn for JA, up for EU, NA and other continents.
(**) 160m: FT8, QSX 1908 for JA

9J2LA TEAM plans to use FT8 as the primary data mode. They will use FT8 DXpedition mode, operating as the Fox. If you hear them on the normal FT8 frequencies, they will not be using DXpedition mode and only work one station at the time. If the number of callers is high, they will announce a QSY to their DXpedition frequencies.

QSOs will be uploaded to ClubLog if internet access is available.
QSL via M0OXO QSL service.