St. Paul Island (CY9) DXpedtion news

The CY9C team posted the following on their Web page

Seven of the 2016 DXpedtion Team will be returning July 31st, 2019, to St. Paul Island.

We hope to fill many of the band/mode slots still in demand and for those that missed the DXpedition as a all time new one, we will work hard to fill that slot as well. Lots of EME, SAT, FT8 as well.

Frequencies for their operations on FT8:
160m – 1836 Normal FT8 17m – 18095 Fox/Hound
80m – 3567 Fox/Hound 15m – 21091 Fox/Hound
60m – 5357 Normal FT8 12m – 24911 Fox/Hound
40m – 7056 Fox/Hound 10m – 29081 Fox/Hound
30m – 10131 Fox/Hound 6m – 50316 Fox/Hound
20m – 14090 Fox/Hound