St. Paul Island (CY9) DXpedition news….

In less than two weeks the CY9C DXpedition team will arrive in Dingwall, Nova Scotia, in preparation for the DXpedtion to St. Paul Island. The dates for the DXpedition are July 31st-August 8th.

All seven team members are ready with gear packed and weighed to help facilitate an efficient process of ferrying the gear to the island via helicopter. The team is not employing a boat for this DXpedition as all operations will be from the Northeast Island. There are no longer any facilities for a boat to be able to dock at the Northeast Island with its foreboding cliffs and sharp rock formations that encompass the island. With that being the case, extra care must be taken to transport the generators and fuel by helicopter.

Pat, N2IEN, the helicopter pilot, and helicopter mechanic Barry Smith, will supervise and oversee the loading of all gear on each flight. An advance team will fly to the island first in order to erect the operation tents. While that is taking place, the first of many chopper trips will commence with all of the other DXpedition gear.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we have good VFR flying weather. On the 2016 CY9C DXpedition we had a number of very stormy days (and fog) where flights were not possible.

Updates will be provided to the bulletins by Murray/WA4DAN or Randy/N0TG as well as at (
Phil, VA3QR, will again be giving updates and status reports on his blog which was very popular in 2016.

73, — Murray Adams, WA4DAN