Tokelau Islands ZK3A DXpedition….

The following four updates were posted on the ZK3A DXpedition’s Web page (, September 18th (edited):

Post #1 — The advance team consisting of Dusko/ZL3WW, Adrian/KO8SCA
and Robert/N7QT, are packed and ready to depart by this weekend bound
for Tokelau Islands. They will all meet in Auckland, New Zealand, then
across to Apia, Samoa. There they will sail towards Tokelau Islands
arriving Wednesday, September 25th.
Furthermore we would like to thank all the donors for their generosity
thus far. Donations can be made via our website (

Post #2 — We have enlisted the help of various pilot stations from
around the globe.
Oceania & Chief Pilot: Peter, VK3FN
Asia Pilot: Champ, E21EIC
North America Pilot: Steve, N2AJ
South America Pilot: Cesar, PY2YP
Europe Pilot: Demetreos, SV2GWY
Africa Pilot: Andre, V51B

SWL reports are to be sent to the pilot station in your continent.
Go to for further information.

Post #3 — September 21st – The ZK3A advance team has landed in Samoa
(5W). Picture available on the Web page with Adrian/KO8SCA, Robert/N7QT
and Dusko/ZL3WW.

Post #4 — September 22nd – The advanced team has arrived in Apia, Samoa,
they have rented a car and are headed to the hotel. In the afternoon there
will be a meeting with telecom representatives to discuss details about
the boat trip to Tokelau on Tuesday. Tomorrow the team will be very busy
with the Tokelau customs paperwork and loading the boat with equipment
and supplies. Picture available at: