Lighthouse Get Together….

Hi All,
As you may already know we will have our yearly supper at the Razzy’s Roadhouse pub on 161 St.Peters road at 6pm “this Saturday“. It will give us a change to review our lighthouse activation and talk about next years. Should be tons of fun.
This year I will be giving a 2 hour lecture on how our HF radios deals with transmitting power to the antenna.
Location is:University of Prince Edward Island, Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering

Building #30 ( – Room 128A

Parking at MacLauchlan Arena

Here are the items:
1.    Conditions needed for the radio to transmit all its power (100 watts).
2.   Definition of impedance with the relationship to a dummy load.
3.   Explanation of resonance.
4.   Why an antenna will work its best at resonance.
5.   Electrical efficiency of antenna. This is easy to understand.
6.   The great effect of the earth on an antenna. This is important to understand.
7.   Radiation efficiency of antenna. This is how much power is actually radiated.
8.   Effects of various angles of radiation vs contacts.
9.   Horizontal vs vertical antennas.
10. Why keeping it simple is the best.
Extra Items:
Antenna tuners
Serial matching of antennas
Any question let me know. If you want specific items to talk about that will benefit all let me know.

Bernie Cormier