Maritime Fusion Net….

Maritime Fusion Net “ON THE AIR” January 2020

Greetings all,

There was a meeting between the WestCumb ARC and the Moncton & Area ARC Sunday afternoon Nov.24th, 2019 to go over plans for the start up of a Maritime Fusion Net.

With the success of the Moncton Fusion Net on Sunday nights and so many amateurs with Fusion radios throughout Atlantic Canada it was decided that this would be a great time to expand the net.

As many of you know a notice was put out a week ago looking for input to see if there was interest in starting up a regional net. We received over 30 emails and overwhelming support.

The message that kept coming up was when to hold the net (date & time). Most of the replies seem to like the idea of a mid week early evening net.

We have decided to start the net on Wednesday Jan.8th, 2020 at 7pm.

This net will focus on Maritime Fusion Digital users. Operators will be asked to check-in via their province PEI, NB and NS. Depending on the amount of hams checking in there will be a second and maybe a third go around in case some are late getting to the net. After the check-ins (time permitting) there will be a Question-Answer session (and or) topic of discussion.

The net will not be open ended and will close after one hour.

IMPORTANT: When checking in, Net Control will be looking for your NAME, QTH and the repeater node or other ways you are connecting to the net (hot spot etc.)

The Moncton club has now set up a web page on their website to keep amateurs updated on the latest news/info about fusion, NCO schedule and recaps of the nets.

There is also a contact form you can use to ask questions, leave suggestions or comments about the net.

The net will be hosted by the WestCumb ARC using the CQ Maritimes Room 60207. As this is a brand new net using a new system we are asking operators to connect to the room over the next month to see if they can link in. Any problems contact me immediately with your concerns. I will monitor the room and will reply to your call if I am in the shack.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly but we are prepared for start up problems.

Thanks to all the operators who have expressed interest in this project.

We are now looking for Net Controllers for the net. If interested contact me ASAP.

Jim Langille VE1JBL