British Columbia (VE7/VA7) QSO Party 2020….

British Columbia QSO Party 2020

Presented by the Orca DX and Contest Club

Key Details

Date/Time:  1600z Feb 1 to 0359z Feb 2  AND  1600z to 2359z Feb 2

Objectives:  Stations outside BC have to find as many VE7/VA7s as possible in the 20 hours of the contest.

BC stations will be taking calls from anyone, anywhere

Exchange: BC stations give RS(T) + three-letter code representing the federal electoral district in BC and stations outside BC give province/state/”DX”

• Collectible, original photo certificates for top scores in all classes, BC and outside BC. New photo every year! Plus, BC-themed keepsakes.

• Plaques awarded in 10 sponsored categories: Top YL, Top BC single-op, Top BC multi-op, Top US, Top Canada outside BC, Top DX, Top Mixed Mode, Top CW, Most Federal Districts Contacted and Top Club in BC

• BCQP is fully supported by N1MM contest logging software, CQ/X GPS-enabled software for mobile contesting, N3FJP state QSO party logging programs and several other generic programs.  Any software that creates a Cabrillo log is OK but the content  MUST show the required information . See the rules for details.

• Follow links at  for rules, multiplier list, FAQs, in-depth event analysis/reports and scores from past years, and examples of photo certificates and plaques.

• BCQP runs in two segments: 12 hours on Saturday and eight hours on Sunday. The segments are NOT split by mode. Operate PH, CW and/or digital as you wish, on one day or both during the designated blocks of time.  Everyone can work all 20 hours of the contest or a few hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday, or just Saturday or just Sunday. Completely up to each person. There is no required off-time, but there can be NO activity during the gap between the 12-hour block on Saturday and the eight-hour block on Sunday.

Join us! It’s always a whale of a good time.  

There’s never been a better time to collect some nice wallpaper for the shack wall. Even if BCQP is not your target contest of the weekend, if you hear a BC station calling “CQ BCQP”, contact him/her, find more VE7/VA7s, keep track of the QSOs and send in a log.

**Also, there’s a new challenge for people who love QSO parties. The 2020 State QSO Party Challenge kicks off in February, and BCQP is one of the first events in this year-long challenge.  For details on the State QSO Party Challenge, please visit
Have fun!

GL and 73!


Email the contest coordinator, Rebecca VA7BEC at