JH1AJT (Zorro) Amateur of the Year….

NOTE: Zorro was a sponsor of the CY0NSM Dxpetition to Sable Island in October 1995.  The operators of that Dxpedition were Martha VE1LE, Wayne VE1CBK now VE1NR, Gary VE1RGB (SK) and myself Ken VE1RU now VY2RU.


JH1AJT Amateur of the Year

INDEXA is especially proud to have one of its members and principal donors named as the 2020 Amateur of the Year by the Dayton Hamvention.

This honor was bestowed upon Yasu “Zorro” Miyazawa, JH1AJT, for his charitable work in education and his humanitarianism.

Zorro began his mission in 1984 and has since quietly established and led multiple educational and humanitarian programs, especially focusing on dis- advantaged children. Through his work he has built educational bridges of hope stretching from kindergarten to post graduate programs and touched the lives of children in multiple countries and cultures. Many of his missions brought a taste of amateur radio and DXing to the lands he visited.
Through his generous endowment, Zorro brought the INDEXA Humanitarian Aid Fund, “Hams With Hearts”, into existence, and linked DXing and DXpeditions with service to humanity.

Now DXpeditions visiting disadvantaged areas can use funds provided by INDEXA and carry with them Zorro’s high-reaching optimism and faith and his ability to feel the needs of others and seek out solutions rather than fixate on problems.

Through INDEXA’s Humanitarian Aid Fund “Hams With Hearts”, DXpeditions have helped schools, hospitals, villages and individuals by focusing on high impact low cost projects. People are empowered to overcome their adversities while respect and appreciation of amateur radio grows. Zorro, JH1AJT, was the catalyst who made this possible.

Congratulations, Zorro. Your generosity, humanity and humility are an example for all of us.

Bob Schenck, N2OO, President of INDEXA
Ralph Fedor, K0IR, Chairman, BOD

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