Chinese Special Event Call Signs….

Members of the Chinese Radio Amateurs Club (CRAC) will activate 10 special event callsigns (B0CRA – B9CRA) across their country making QSOs with amateur radio operators all over the world.

Operations will take place between 0000 UTC May 1st and 1200 UTC May 7th. QSL via BA1GG. Log search entry:

This activity/event takes place every year. It started on May 5th, 1940, where Chinese amateur radio operators started an “On air conference”. On May 5th, 1947, the conference covered all the regions in China, it was the biggest on air event.
In 1942 and 1944, there were 2 exhibitions associated with the “On air conference”. In recent years, the CRAC organized several events on May 5th every year and designated that day as a Chinese amateur radio festival, called “5.5 Festival”. Due to COVID-19, the CRAC called for all amateur radio operators “Stay Home” to fight for the Conoravirus situation. The 2020 “5.5 Festival” was shifted to the air waves.

The CRAC provides special awards to whose who meet the criteria below.
Award application can be sent to (; indicate your call- sign, award category and E-mail address to receive the award. The award application deadline is September 30th, 2020.

Award Rules: The award has three categories Bronze, Silver and Golden, which will be measured by slots worked. One slots is a combination of a special callsign, band and mode. For example, worked B1CRA in 20m, SSB, model is 1 slot.
For All Applicants:
Bronze Award: 20 slots
Silver Award: 40 slots
Golden Award: 50 slots — Must consist of all 10 special callsigns