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29 June, 2020

Island activities:

IOTA NEWS. Since no or few new IOTA announcements have been made during the past several weeks (probably because of many COVID-19 travel restrictions), OPDX decided to list the following IOTA operations that were active this past week between June 21-27th (as per the DXCluster):

IOTA Callsign Island/GROUP Bands/Modes
—— ———- ————- ————
AF-004 EA8DHV Tenerife 20m; SSB
AF-004 EA8TL Tenerife 20m; FT4
AF-016 FR4NT Reunion 20m; SSB
AF-016 FR4QT Reunion 20m; SSB
AF-018 IH9YMC Pantelleria 10m; SSB
AF-022 ZD7FT St. Helena 20m; SSB
AF-022 ZD7JC St. Helena 17m; Digi
AS-003 4S7AB Sri Lanka 30m; CW
AS-004 P3X Cyrus 10m; CW
AS-007 JH3NGD Honshu 20m; SSB
EU-004 EA6ACA Balearic 10m; SSB
EU-004 EA6LU Balearic 40m; SSB
EU-004 EA6OM Balearic 10m; SSB
EU-004 EA6QY Balearic 20m; SSB
EU-004 EA6SM Balearic 17m; SSB
EU-004 EA6SX Balearic 10m; SSB
EU-004 EC6DX Balearic 40m; SSB
EU-005 G2NV/M Great Britain 20m; SSB
EU-005 G8XDD/P Great Britain 40m; SSB
EU-005 GM2TT Scotland 40m; Digi
EU-005 M6TCE Great Britain 15m; SSB
EU-005 MM0LGS Scotland 20m; FT8
EU-005 MW6OWO Wales 17m; Digi
EU-009 GM8OFQ Orkney 20m; SSB
EU-018 OY1CT Faroe 20m; CW
EU-018 OY1OF Faroe 10m; SSB
EU-021 TF2MSN Iceland 40m; FT8
EU-021 TF3GB Iceland 30m; Digi
EU-021 TF5B Iceland 20m; Digi
EU-023 9H1TT Malta 20m; SSB
EU-023 9H5BZ Malta 17m; SSB
EU-023 9H5JO Malta 17m; SSB
EU-025 IT9BLB Sicily 10m; SSB
EU-025 IT9CLX Sicily 10m; SSB
EU-026 JW4PUA Spitsbergen 20m; Digi
EU-028 IK1MNF/IA5 Elba 20m; SSB
EU-029 OV1CDX Sjaelland 17m; SSB
EU-036 LA7WNA Sor-Trondelag/More 20m; Digi
EU-084 SM0CXS Trasko 17m; FT8
EU-114 GU0VPA Guernsey 17m; FT8
EU-114 GU3UOQ Guernsey 10m; SSB
EU-115 EI5GEB/M Ireland 40m; SSB
EU-115 EI6GEB/M Ireland 40m; SSB
EU-115 MI0ITS Ireland 10m; FM
EU-115 MI3CAB Ireland 20m; FT8
EU-131 I3/OE6MBG Veneto 20m; SSB
EU-171 OZ5HP Jylland 17m; Digi
EU-175 CU3EQ Terceira 10m; Digi
EU-186 TA4CS Turkey 10m; SSB
NA-015 CM2RSV Cuba 40m; FT8
NA-015 CO6SRS Cuba 40m; FT8
NA-021 8P5AA Barbados 20m; SSB
NA-024 J35X Grenada 30m; Digi
NA-026 W2ZF NY State 20m; FT8
NA-052 N1UL FL State SW 30m; FT8
NA-065 WU8U WA State North 10m; Digi
NA-099 WP4OH Puerto Rico 40m; Digi
NA-108 J69DS St. Lucia 10m; FT8
NA-126 VE1BZI NS Province S 40m; FT8
NA-139 N9NQA MD State East 20m; SSB
NA-144 KD7WPJ CA State South 20m; CW
OC-001 VK1TX Australia 15m; SSB
OC-001 VK3EGN Australia 30m; CW
OC-016 3D2AG Viti Levu & Vanua 20m; Digi
OC-019 WA6QDQ/KH6 Hawaiian 20m; SSB
OC-032 FK8IK New Caledonia 20m; CW
OC-036 ZL1WN NZ North 20m; SSB
SA-002 VP8HDM/A Falkland 20m; SSB
SA-006 PJ4DX Bonaire 20m; SSB
SA-011 9Z4AH Trinidad 17m; SSB
SA-011 9Z4FE Trinidad 20m; SSB
SA-011 9Z4Y Trinidad 17m; Digi

** Thanks to the individuals who put the island/group and mode on their QSNs on the PacketCluster reports….

EU-003. Operators Bruno/CS8ABG, Eurico/CU2CU and Marco/CU7BC will be
active as CQ8F from the Formigas Islets (WWFF CUFF-0009, ARLHS AZO 001, PIP AC-013, PFFP FP-163 and DMHP AZ-061), Azores, on June 29th, between 0800-1900z. Activity will be on 80/40/20/17/12/10 meters using CW and SSB.
Suggested frequencies are:
CW ­ 3544, 7024, 14044, 18084, 21044, 24894 and 28044 kHz
SSB ­ 3744, 7144, 14244, 18144, 21244, 24944 and 28444 kHz.
QSL Manager is EA5GL.

EU-090. Operators Silvo/S50X, Goran/S52P, Hubert/S53Z, Milan/S58MU, Gordan/DM7AA and Mato/9A3SM will be active as 9A/callsign (except 9A3SM) from the Palagruza Islands between July 18-31st.
Activity wil be on 80-10 meters using CW and SSB. The group will use the callsign 9A20A during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 25-26th)[rare multiplier]. The QSL Manager for all callsigns will be S58MU (direct or by the Bureau). The logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. See for more details.

NA-039/NA-070 (Rescheduled again) Members of the Russian Robinson Club, who were to be active as KL7RRC/P from Adak Island (NA-039), Alaska, between September 11-18th (originally scheduled for June), has now reschedule their operation for June 11-14th, 2021. This also means their Kiska Island (NA-070) operation will be scheduled to June 5-10th, 2021.

NA-135 — 4A2L Isla del Carmen at:

NA-153 — 6F3A Isla Perez at:

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Webmasters of the new <> have decided NOT to post or dedicate a Web page to announce upcoming IOTA operations, PLEASE send your IOTA operations information to the OPDX, and we will post it here in an upcoming bulletin……

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