200 Years of Greek Independence Award….

On March 25, 2021, the Greek world will celebrate the bicentennial since the outbreak of the Greek War of independence. Greek amateur radio operators have launched, or plan to launch, three events to celebrate this major event in history:

  1. 200 YEARS AWARD (sv2rck.gr) which is open on all bands and modes. Operators from all over the world are welcomed to seek QSOs with the following stations: SV2RCKSY2DCFSV2CJBSY2DKZSV2RCSSY2DCISV2KGASV2SQCSV1PMQSV1CIFSV1DPJSV1AZLSV1PMRSV7SDSSV1DPISV1JMCSV2HJWSV1AJO and M0IUR. This event ends on December 31, 2021.
  2. Special Event Station to commemorate 200 years since the Hellenic war of independence in 1821. Seek for the following callsigns on bands and modes ranging from 2m to 160m: SX9A, SX8A, SX7A, SX6A, SX5A, SX4A, SX3A, SX2A and SX1A. A special event log is available here. This event ends on March 25, 2021.
  3. SZ1821R Greek Revolution 1821 by the Radio Amateur Society of the Peloponnese. This event will take place throughout March 2021 only, with the following callsigns: SZ1821RSZ21TKSZ21PFSZ21GKSZ21AD and SZ21LB. The website of this event will go live imminently.