RDA – Russian Districts Award Program….

Dear radio Amateur,
We would like to invite you to take part in the Russian District Award
(RDA) diploma program:
Our diploma program has been around for 20 years, and its main goal is
to get cfm for QSO with all districts of Russia. We have developed an
automatic RDA district cfm specifically for fulfilling the requirements of
the diploma program: https://mydx.eu
This service makes the participation as easy as possible. You do not
need to create an application and send it to the Diploma Manager – all you
need to do is to send in your payment and your post address. You can get
either one or several diplomas – it is up to you. For your convenience we
have created special version of RDA dx-cluster where you can easily see
those RDA-s that you don’t have confirmed yet. You also have a possibility
to have a sound notification when your un-confirmed RDA is spotted. Go and
check it out: https://mydx.eu/?tab=spots

Payment for each RDA diploma is EUR10 and is made via PayPal, pay for
diplomas PayPal convenient directly from the site.

We look forward to seeing you in the fascinating world of RDA (Russian
Districts Award).

How to get your RDA diploma:
Step 1. Go to the RDA Autocfm website https://mydx.eu
Step 2. Enter your callsign into the “Callsign” box and click “OK”. In
the “CFMD” box, you will see the number of confirmed RDA districts. RDA
diplomas are issued for 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 districts.
Step 3. Pay the mailing cost of diplomas – each diploma costs EUR10. You
can pay for all of your diplomas at once, or for just one. Payment is made
via PayPal: rx3rc@rdaward.org Step 4. Get your RDA diplomas delivered to
your home address.

Here are 2642 districts in Russia.
You can get an award based on the number of different districts (RDA’s)

Most of the confirmations are based on the logs we have received from
Russian stations.
You can also send QSL scans (or screenshots of LOTW, Hamlog) to get
district confirmed.

You can also download QSL scans:

1. Paper QSL (you can find the RDA number in the database:
2. LoTW (Details) (you can find the RDA number in the database:
3. Hamlog.online (You must be a registered user)
To do this, we have prepared a special tool for a smartphone:
and PC tool: https://mydx.eu/scan

Instructions for loading scans here:

Unfortunately eQSL we don’t accept any more dates.
All loaded RDA areas will be added to the list of your achievements on
the MYDX.EU website We can combine statistics on the site for any of your
callsigns, both former and foreign. Just call us.

Photos of diplomas and plaque can be viewed here:  http://rdaward.org/rda_photo.htm

We invite you to take part in the RDA diploma program (Russian District

73! RA3R
RDA Manager