New RAC Web Contest Log Submission System….

New RAC Web Contest Log Submission System
RAC Canada Day Winter Contest: December 18

The Radio Amateurs of Canada Contests and Awards Committee (RAC-CAC) is pleased to announce the implementation of a new contest log submission system which began on July 1 for the RAC Canada Day Contest 2021.

This system is designed to allow you to directly submit a Cabrillo-based log file as your official contest entry form for both the RAC Canada Day Contest  and the RAC Canada Winter Contest. The system follows the key principles for log submission that are now highly common in radiosport contesting.

The web-based application and its homepage interactively walks you through the process of submitting your log. The system also provides a helpful Frequently Asked (FAQ) questions page for those that need additional instructions about entry categories and answers to general questions regarding those categories.

If you would like an early look at the log submission system please visit:

For the 2021 contesting season we will still accept email logs via the published email addresses but will be looking to phase that method out in 2022.

Should you encounter any issues with the new system, please report any issues directly to Bart Ritchie, VE5CPU at

For information on the RAC Canada Winter Contest 2021 please visit the RAC website.