GB2/GB100 Scotland special event….

Special event stations GB1002ZE and GB2ZE will be active to commemorate centenary achievement by Paul Godley’s, 1921 DXpedition to Ardrossan, Scotland.

Paul Godley, 2ZE, was able to receive the first transatlantic shortwave amateur radio message from the amateur station 1BCG located in Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A. The received message was recorded in Godley’s logbook on the 12th December 1921 at 02:52 GMT which was hastily composed by his 1BCG colleagues:
“Nr 1 de 1BCG words 12, New York. Date December 11, 1921, to Paul Godley, Ardrossan, Scotland. Hearty Congratulations. (Signed) Burghard, Inman, Grinan, Armstrong, Amy, Cronkhite.”


Further details can be found here:

All UK and Crown dependency licenced radio amateurs may use the suffix “/2ZE” with your own callsign between December 1-26th, 2021