R150WS – Rykacheva Island, AS-104 Feb 27, 2022….

NEWS UPDATE – R150WS – polar expedition “Arctic Legends 2022” to the Rykacheva Island, Kara Sea, IOTA AS-104.

On March 4, 2022, a snowmobile expedition “Arctic Legends” R150WS to the Rykacheva Island, Kara Sea Coast East group (IOTA AS-104). This expedition takes place under the flags of Russian Robinson Club and Russian Geographical Society and is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Weather Service of Russia.

The team: Igor UA9KDF, Andrei UA9LDD, Andrei UA0BA, Victor RW0BG, Alexey RT9K and Andrei RT9K. Read more here

Participants will make the transition from Yamal to Taimyr region. Further, the route will pass along the coast of Khariton Laptev to the polar station “Sterlegova”, where the expedition is waiting for a previously delivered fuel supply for a trip to Rykachev Island and vice versa. The length of the route is 2800 km. You can follow the expedition on the track, read the diary from the route here

Rykachev Island is located at the entrance to Middendorf Bay in the south-eastern part of the Kara Sea. Island named in honor of the founder of the weather service in Russia, a famous scientist meteorologist, Director of the Main Geophysical Observatory, Admiralty General, academician Mikhail Rykachev (1840-1919).

Work on the air R150WS is planned on bands 40-10m CW, SSB and FT-8. The expedition is equipped with the necessary polar equipment and camp equipment for autonomous work in the harsh winter conditions of the central Arctic.

The expedition team is studying the possibility of reaching Isachenko Island (reserved call sign RI0BI) in a rare group Sergey Kirov Islands (AS-050) and will make a decision on the spot, which will depend on the state of the ice and the presence of open water in this part of the Kara Sea. The island is 160 km away from Rykachev Island to north. Landing on the island and airing will be a great success for the “Arctic Legends” team.

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA,
President of Russian Robinson Club.R150WS – Rykacheva Island, AS-104