Some UK radio amateurs now licensed for 8M (40 -42 MHz)….

John EI7GL reports Ofcom is now issuing some UK radio amateurs with temporary Innovation and Research licences to transmit in the 40 MHz band

On his blog John writes:

Roger, G3XBM in the east of England can operate from the 2nd of April for 1-year with 5-watts. Roger writes… “After a very long wait OFCOM has approved my 8m TX permit that runs from April 2nd for a year.

It permits me to use 40-42MHz with digital modes (including CW) at 5W ERP max. I expect to erect a wire dipole which is directed towards Europe.

I expect to be mostly on FT8 around 40.676MHz with precise frequency done in liaison with others. What I hope is all 8m FT8 stations can be monitored with one USB dial setting, but spaced out. 5W should certainly cover Europe with Es. I shall try some local CW crossband QSOs, but hope to be on FT8 24/7.”

It is understood G0JJL, G0JHC and G7PUV either have or are applying for licences.

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