Another HF SDR Radio….

The sBitx is a 40 watts, fully open source, high performance HF SDR transceiver with in-built popular modes like the FT8, RTTY, PSK31, etc.  HF Signals is now selling the Developers Edition for the homebrewers and the hackers who are comfortable with frequent updates and experimental branches of the software.  Two flavours: The Basic kit or the Full Kit see the homepage at:

Performance from Simplicity

Performance doesn’t have to come with expensive components. A careful application of design principles over inexpensive and readily available parts and modules like the Raspberry Pi and ordinary transistors like the 2N2222s, results in a simple radio that is powerful and yet easily understood. Easy to understand, simple circuit that allows you to modify, enhance or experiment. None of the components cost more than a few dollars. Read the detailed sBitx design paper, download the Circuits and the Software


  • Entire development system is on the radio and preconfigured. Start editing the code and run build to see the changes. No need for any external computer to hack this radio.
  • Written in plain C language. If you can read Arduino code, you can code the sbitx too!
  • Simple User Interface encourages you to change the layout, create you own look and feel with your own buttons, screen layouts and macros.
  • Intuitive approach to SDR
  • Understand and learn to do DSP, SDRs. The sBitx’s approach  uses a conventional superhet architecture along with convolution SDR to build the simplest SDR architecture.