Update on VK0MQ – Macquarie Island

Aug 23, 2022

NEWS UPDATE – With VK0MQ continuing to be quite active on FT8, here’s the QSL card preview below. Matt describes his set-up also:

My rigs are IC-7100 (main) and IC-7000, into a Moonraker 80B whip. This antenna is Australian made, designed for ocean going vessels and performs very well here on Macquarie Island where we regularly experience gale force winds. Antenna options are limited due to high winds and chance of bird strike, Macquarie island is home to 3.5 million seabirds!

JUNE 25 – Beware the VK0MQ pirate station. Matt says this “station” is answering calls alongside the real VK0MQ on FT8 F/H mode. If you’re not in Matt’s log this is why. He uploads his logs to LoTW every month.