Tonga (A35) Operation….

Operators Andrew/VK5AK, Grant/VK5GR (Team Leader), Oly/VK5XDX and Steve/VK5SFA will be active as A35JT from Tonga between September 22nd and October 7th.

Activity will be holiday style on 160-10 meters and will include entries in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 28-29th) and Oceania DX SSB Contest (October 5-6th).

The team also mentioned that they have been granted access to 6m to conduct EME experiments!

Suggested frequencies and modes are:
CW – 1820, 3518, 7018, 10118, 14038, 18078, 21038, 24903 and 28038 kHz
SSB – 1860, 3775(*), 7185, 14265, 18150, 21265, 24975 and 28465 kHz
RTTY – 1803, 3593, 7051, 10143, 14083, 18103, 21083, 24923 and 28083 kHz
FT8 – 1840, 3570, 7066, 10143, 14083, 18103, 21083, 24923 and 28095 kHz
6m – 50100/CW, 50130/SSB and 50313/FT8
6m EME – 50203/JT65A
(*) 80m for JA – 3518/CW, 3775/SSB DOWN 5 and 3535/RTTY

At present, they do not have access to 60m – however, they will continue discussions with the ministry of communications to see if they can gain access to that band as well.

Note at this stage the frequencies are subject to change depending on coordination with other Pacific DXpeditions that will be active at the same time. Please watch the DX Cluster and website for updates.

QSL via M0OXO, LoTW and ClubLog. They are also going to try using ClubLog’s new Live Logging system.

For more details and updates, watch Grant/VK5GR’s Web page for updates at: